oneshot: A matter of misunderstandings.

Title: A matter of misunderstandings.
Group/pairing: kis-my-ft2/HiroSuke
Rating: pg
Warning(s): A bit angsty at first?
Summary: Hiro is angry, Taisuke is upset and Yokoo is the one who has to sort it all out.
Disclaimer: I do not own those mentioned and it's not true.
Notes: This is for a prompt over at </a></b></a>je_prompts #34 - war

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oneshot: Reach

Title: Reach
Pairing: TaNaka
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own KAT-TUN and this is not of the truth.
The sequel to distance. Koki has to come to terms with the consequences of the nigth before.
A/N: Seeing as this is a sequel it would be best to read the first one first 'cause it won't make much sense otherwise.

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oneshot: distance

Title: Distance
Pairing: TaNaka
Rating: PG:15
Disclaimer: I do not own KAT-TUN and this is not of the truth.
After finishing up a PV shoot, Koki has a night he never would have expected.

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Junno Moodtheme

This is my first ever moodtheme. I've been deliberating whether to share this or not for a while as I made it for myself but I'm particularly happy with the results. This took me a while to make seeing as I don't even own photoshop (I had to use my parent's)

Some things first:
  • please make sure you credit either primary_target   or xxxvengeancexxx  
  • Please comment if you take. I'd like to know if people are using it to see if it's worth making more
  • Feedback in general would be nice for the same reason.
  • If you have any problems with anything let me know and I'll do my best to help.
  • And enjoy!

Preview full moodtheme here

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How to set moodtheme

Images from boys_paper  and jone_records 

Next I may make a Maru moodtheme ^^